Referendum Project

I'll be exhibiting work at the Palm Springs Art Fair, Feb. 17-19 next weekend, with Referendum Project at the Palm Springs Convention Center, booth #502.

CONTACT: jud@referendumproject.com

Referendum Project Launches at Palm Springs Fine Art Fair
2/17/12 - 2/19/12

The Referendum Project is a new platform for artists and their audiences. Referendum will engage audiences through a new environment for art, creating the opportunity to view art outside of a gallery and foster an open dialogue between the artist, art enthusiasts, curators and collectors.

Throughout the next year Referendum Project will participate in art fairs, open a pop-up gallery, host online shows and release a series of exclusive multiples available only through our website. By using this multi-platform approach our goal is to reach a broader audience and target numerous price points.

"As artists we are always looking for new and exciting ways to exhibit our work. By using a multi-platform approach we can reach a broader range of collectors and engage them in dialog. We want to participate in the journey from studio to collector."

"The future is direct contact, pop up spaces at art fairs around the world… Referendum Palm Springs, Referendum Basel."

Referendum Project, in collaboration with Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art, is proud to announce its premiere show at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, February 17-19. Artists Jud Bergeron, Albert Dicruttalo, Mario Martinez (a.k.a. Mars-1), Wayne Shaffer, Joe Sorren, and Damon Soule will showcase new work from large-scale oil paintings to sculpture in steel and bronze at the Palm Springs Convention Center, booth #502.

The exhibit is both curated and created by this consortium of six master artists and features a diverse aesthetic and variety of medium, Sorren’s ethereal rich oils, Martinez’s otherworldly metascapes, and Soule’s explosive, frenetic canvases demonstrate these painters’ intense creativity and mastery of their medium. Bergeron’s planar abstractions stand in stark contrast to Shaffer’s organic bronzes while the quasi-mechanical steel sculptures by Albert Dicruttalo serve as a bridge between the two. The exhibition is sure to be one of the most unique and eclectic at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair.

More information can be found at www.referendumproject.com and www.palmspringsfineartfair.com


Afterglow Print

Just released the new Afterglow print. → Available for purchase here.